Rehabilitation goal setting and plan of care development to help you get out of pain and recover. A full, 60 minute 1:1 assessment is completed to review strength, mobility and current performance level as each session. We utilize any and all recovery modalities and resources needed to help maximize your care.


With our performance and training programs, we create custom plans for reducing the risk of future injuries, creating mobility and recovery plans, or provide return to/performance fitness programs to ensure longevity in your activities and overall health.



Our movement screens take a deep dive into functional performance patterns seen across a variety of sports and activities. We can assess factors that contribute to your golf swing, olympic lifts, CrossFit movements, workplace and home task mechanics as we as any sport specific actions.


We use the most up to date resources to help keep you feeling good during and after your plan of care! Certified in blood flow restriction training, cupping, dry needling and use of manual therapy techniques, we keep pain at bay while keeping you moving. 

BEFORM Performance Physical Therapy is considered an "out-of-network" provider. 

We believe in the quality of service, not hidden costs which is why BEFORM Performance Physical Therapy is a fee-for-service clinic. Current reimbursement rates from insurance companies demand the industry to increase the number of patients in a day to maximize profits, thus reducing the quality of care, individualization of treatment and overall ability to reach your health, wellness and performance goals.

Providing transparency is paramount at BEFORM Physical Therapy. Our prices and packaging is tailored to reflect the quality of care, treatments, time and consideration that is given to you.

Ask your insurance company what your "out-of-network" benefits are. Per request, BEFORM Physical Therapy can prepare a “superbill” which easily provides the information needed for out-of-network appointments to submit for reimbursement to your insurance provider or HSA.